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Bloo Heart

15 April
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Dance, Art, and Music are in my vains. Why? well...I've done art my entire life, simple as that. From drawing, painting, to dancing in the air and doing circus stuff in various stages I've always been interested in any type of art since I can first remember. I just love it! It is my deam of making myself famous...some how, somewhere I be. Hopefully not by a shameful thing but by my work and talents. Now...other than that...
I love to hang with my friends and family, they are my drug in life if I may say so. They inspire me to do alot. Whether is to just have fun, be more creative, and enjoy life at its basics. They make me to grow and open my eyes to see, experience, feel, and learn of new things, or do things just in a diffrent way. I Love them alot. =]
My family is my fire and my water. They are what makes me say thing when in my low like: "Why?!, why me?! Why couldn't I have a family that understands me?! ...and..."WOW! they Fing love this much!"
I do my art in the hopes one of this days it will not change my life forever, but change theirs too...they are the fire I have in me and my water to survive. They are just the perfect people to live with even if I have to battle with them just a bit. =P